100 Designs for a Modern World by Kravis Design Center

100 Designs for a Modern World

This chronological overview of industrial design from 1900 to the present is an accessible and authoritative introduction to the field. Industrial design has played a major role in shaping society through the everyday objects used for living, working, and traveling. As factories transitioned from manufacturing for war to mass-produced consumer goods, industrial design evolved to meet the needs of a quickly growing economy. George Kravis has collected some of the most innovative products that contributed to this radical transformation of global culture. This book, with an introduction by British design historian and professor Penny Sparke, presents one hundred exceptional designs: chairs, radios, irons, electric clocks, tableware, textiles, and posters. New photographs by Shane Culpepper were commissioned for the publication.

Tulsa Art Deco reissued by Tulsa Foundation for Architecture

Tulsa Art Deco

Tulsa’s flourishing economy in the late 1920s and 1930s resulted in the construction of an astonishing array of high-quality buildings and houses in the Art Deco and Streamline styles. In 1979 David Halpern photographed the buildings for the book, some of which are no longer standing. Tulsa Art Deco was originally published in 1980 by the Junior League of Tulsa. Thanks to George Kravis and the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture, the book was revised and republished in 2001. The original text by Carol Newton-Gambino, the reference map, and the introduction by architectural historian David Gebhard were all retained.